Friday, October 21, 2011

Manish Malhotra

Fashion designer manish malhotra

Manish Malhotra is the most famous designer in Indian Fashion Industry as well as Film Industry. Manish turned the concept of fashion designing in the Bollywood when he designed the costumes for the beautiful Juhi Chawla for the film “Swarg” at the age of just 25 years. Since then he has never looked back and earned the distinction as the transformer of looks of the characters. The characters dressed up by Manish are powerful enough to express themselves without uttering a single word. In his short tenure in the Bollywood he has designed the costumes for countless celebrities.
Manish is a very practical and realistic person beside so much fame and success. He is a simple person who envisioned a dream and worked very hard to pursue it. Manish belongs to a middle class Punjabi family. He was born in the year 1965. Father of Manish had a strong desire that Manish should join his father’s business but Manish had some other plans, he wanted to create a niche for himself in the creative field. Manish did not receive any professional training but he was having full confidence on his talent.

Manish put in 15 years of real hard work which made Manish Malhotra we all know today. He was among the first designers who asked for the script before starting the designing work for a particular scene. Manish Malhotra, an ardent fashion savvy has made his distinct position in the Hindi film world and he has been successful in earning both name and fame. He knows his job and he is a master of his trade, beside that he has a complete understanding as to what style would go perfect in a particular situation. He is specialized in women dressing styles.

He is truly a master of fashion and has achieved a tremendous appreciation. His work has been honored with various awards. He is continuously delivering quality work for fashion boutique ‘Reverie’ with which he is associated since 1998. There is much more to be expected from this budding star in the near future.

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