Friday, October 21, 2011

Youth against corruption

Youth are the future of any nation. The concern with youth points to the future of society and to the field of possibilities for its development. Youth shall be responsible for defining the continuity or changes to the society and its institutions. In our daily lives if we put light we will see the youth is not interested in politics all because they have lost faith in the working of the entire system. The change is not required in one department or in one state it required as a whole. Each and every one is aware of this present scenario through newspapers, journalism, and various sources but they lack an initiator. Once they get an initiator they are always ready to support and raise their voice against corruption.

“Vow to be valiant;
Resolve to be radiant;
Determine to be dynamic;
Strive to be sincere;
Aspire to be attuned.”

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