Friday, October 21, 2011

Zubeen Garg was born in 18 Novemeber, 1972 in Jorhat. His father Mohini Borthakur was a magistrate and his mother late Ily Borthakur was a house wife. He was named after great bollywood music composer Zubin Mehta. His father is a famous poet and lyricist and he used to write with the 'Kapil Thakur'. His mother was also very talented dancer and singer. In his childhood, his family used to travel various parts of Assam for his father's job. The whole family was very talented culturally and even both of his sisters Jonki and Palme.

Zubeen Garg started learning music from his childhood. He first learned Tabla and then assamese folk songs. Slowly he showed his talent in variousinstruments like mandolin, guitar, dhol, etc. He completed his formal education from Jorhat.

Zubeen Garg's debut assamese album 'Anamika' was released in 1992. It was a great hit assam and was start of a new era in Assamese music. This new voice had a special touch with modern age music in the songs. His music had influence of both western rock music and assamese folk music. Zubeen's songs took no time to get place in people's heart.

Zubeen's subesequent albums 'Asha' and 'Maya' were highly appreciated in Assam. He immediately reached the zenith of popularism. His every new album started providing his fans new tastes of music. Album like 'Mukti' had patriotic influences in it's music and lyrics. 'Meghor Boron', 'Xobdo', 'Rang' are albums that were well blended with folk, romantic, tragic music. Songs like 'Xunore Xojuwa' were influnced by both 'Bihu' and patriotism. Album 'Dilruba' was influenced by sufi music.

The album 'Paakhi' was dedicated to his late mother and had great emotional music. Another album 'Xixu'(Shihu), was decicated to his sister Jonki's sudden death who had been his singing copmanion for years. Lyrics of many Zubeen's songs are written by his father Kapil Thakur.

In late 90s, Zubeen went to mumbai to make his position in bollywood. As usual it was not a smooth path in bollywood. After a few hindi albums like 'Chandini Raat','Yuhi Kabhi', 'Shraddhanjali', he finally got the biggest break in Bollywood in the film 'Gangster'. The song 'Ya Ali' was one of the most popular hit of 2006. The song brought him the best playback singer Global Indian Film Awards(GIFA) in 2006. His next hindi album 'Zindagi' was released in 2007 which was highly appreciated.

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